The primary intention of this website is to distinguish facts from fiction for people who want to visit North Korea as tourists.
For example, if someone says that taking a dSLR camera and tele lenses into North Korea for the purpose of a holiday visit in 2012 would lead to arrest and execution, then that is based on pure fiction. There are many pictures on Flickr or other photo sharing websites that were taken with professional gear. It speaks for itself that a 5200 mm telelens cannot be taken into North Korea for holiday purposes. Please use common sense. The official law states that lenses up to 150 mm are permitted for tourists, although a 70-200 mm lens is allowed.

By no means is it the intention of this website to give an unbalanced account of facts in order to promote North Korean activities. North Korea is a country under dictatorial rule (fact) with order and stability (fact) and this generally poses no danger to tourists. Compare that to Somalia, which currently has anarchy and a government residing outside the country for safety purposes, where tourists have a high risk of being kidnapped or killed.

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- Jonathan Smith