Will North Korea use nuclear technology to build a nuclear weapon?

Nobody can predict the future, not even North Korean leaders. But let’s assume that North Korea does have the intention to use nuclear technology to build nuclear weapons. Let’s assume that they already have such a nuclear weapon. In that case, this would be the worst case scenario:

  • The great leader Kim Jong Un is enjoying his luxurious life in one of his mansions with 10 swimming pools
  • Suddenly he feels the rush to launch a nuclear bomb towards the USA
  • He decides that he must get rid of his luxurious life as quick as possible
  • He quickly launches the nuclear bomb by pressing the red button
  • Before the bomb reaches US soil, the US would have responded with a massive invasion
  • The great leader and his comrades will die in a few hours after the invasion

This is a pretty expensive way for a president to commit suicide! It took decades to build a nuclear weapon.
So, now that we know what would happen if North Korea launched a nuclear weapon, we have to rephrase our initial question: Does the North Korean president, who is currently living a luxury life, have any ambitions to commit suicide?