Okay, let me rephrase the question. How likely is it that I will get physically hurt when I go to North Korea as a tourist?

It is highly unlikely that you will get hurt during your stay. There are two simple reasons for this. North Korea is a poor country that is pretty much isolated from the world (not entirely isolated, but we’ll get to that later). Being isolated from the world, North Korea has very little means of earning money. This is because they cannot export or sell goods to other countries easily. One way of making money is through tourism. If the tourism industry is dead, then North Korea will have yet another problem. That is one reason why you will not receive a harsh treatment during your stay.
The second reason is because North Korea has to keep up its image of being a civilized country (more on propaganda later). In the past they have been involved in horrible activities such as the famous abductions. Inhumane treatment of prisoners in labour camps is an ongoing issue. It is of course in their own interest to refrain from applying these activities to tourists if the tourism industry is to be profitable.
In other words, tourists are unlikely to get hurt because tourists are part of the propaganda and because the country is to some extend financially dependent on tourism.