Why does North Korea threaten to use nuclear bombs?

North Korea threatens with nuclear bombs for several reasons.

  • Due to Western propaganda, many people are unaware that it is safe to travel to North Korea as a tourist. Threats of nuclear bombs will increase the mystery about North Korea. This makes a trip to North Korea quite an adventure. Nuclear threats are a form of advertisement by which they can expand their tourism industry. “Yo man, I’ve been to North Korea! — No way, dude! I don’t believe you! Show me the pictures!”
  • North Korea is fully aware that they do not have the military force to overpower the USA or to overpower the world. So they have to find a creative way to show the world that they can beat anyone. The trick is window dressing. Use Google to find pictures of North Korean soldiers and American soldiers. Look at the differences: Americans have night vision goggles, helmet, bullet proof vests etc. North Korean soldiers don’t even wear helmets! They wear caps and no bullet proof vests. They do not have GPS techniques at their disposal and cannot attack at night. [Invasion in Iraq took place at night when the Iraqi forces were defenseless.] How can a country with a useless military force appear more powerfull than it really is? By conducting nuclear bomb tests, sending a satellite into space to prove technical skills, launch rockets into sea, etc. In short, window dressing makes North Korea appear more dangerous than it really is. This reduces the risk of being invaded by other countries.