But I don’t want to be part of the propaganda!

First of all, that is not a question. Secondly, you already are part of the propaganda of your own country. All the news that you know about North Korea, has reached you through the mainstream media. If you think that you will get shot when you go to North Korea with a digital camera, it is because the mainstream media presented the news in such a way that you think it is dangerous to go to North Korea with a digital camera. That is called Western propaganda and you are already part of it.
Here is another example of Western propaganda. Everybody knows that North Korea has ambitions to acquire rocket, space and nuclear technology. Of course, if they had a nuclear weapon they would surely use it for self defence. But, would North Korea launch a nuclear weapon towards the USA just for fun, in other words: without provocation? Looking at the invasion of Iraq and Afganistan, it is unlikely that North Korea would use a nuclear weapon just for fun. Western propaganda spreads the news that North Korea wants to throw nuclear bombs on the USA and on South Korea immediately after they have obtained such weapons. In other words: without direct provocation. However, it is a fact that:

  • there are North Korean soldiers among defectors. This tells you how happy the soldiers are.
  • the North Korean army is large, but also malnourished
  • the North korean army uses old equipment
  • the US army is far more advanced than the North Korean army
  • the US has far more military equipment than North Korea
  • China, the biggest ally, warns to break ties with North Korea

Nearly all import, export and tourism happens through China. Without Chinese support North Korea would be really dead. So you still think North Korea would go to war with old equipment, malnourished soldiers and no help from China? If North Korea uses a nuclear weapon in self defence, they have nothing to lose. If they use a nuclear weapon just for fun, that is the same as committing suicide. Western propaganda dictates that North Korea wants to commit suicide by launching nuclear bombs without provocation towards the USA and South Korea. Where is the common sense? It is more likely to think that window dressing is the main idea behind the North Korean strategy.