Is it safe to take pictures of military checkpoints in North Korea?

In almost any country it is officially not permitted to take pictures of military checkpoints and military installations. This also applies to North Korea. In practice some countries apply this rule less strict than other countries. If you take some pictures of military checkpoints in North Korea, and you are a foreign tourist, you will be kindly requested to delete the pictures from your camera by your guide. Remember that when you leave the country as a tourist and get caught with illegal pictures, you will not only be requested to delete the pictures, but your guide could get in serious trouble. Everytime you take an illegal picture, please consider if it is worth to put the life of your guides at stake.
Here is a true story. A bus with four guides and some tourists was riding on a highway. One tourist was sitting in the middle of the bus and taking landscape pictures from the right side window. Looking from the side window, she did not notice that the bus was approaching a military checkpoint and accidentally took a picture of the checkpoint. The soldier halted the bus and called one of the guides, who later came back into the bus to collect the camera from the woman. The soldier then proceeded to erase the “illegal” picture and handed the camera back to the guide. The soldier summoned all four guides to get their papers (ID cards?) and step into the checkpoint building. After the paperwork was settled, the bus continued its course. Why did all four guides have to submit their papers? Is it because this incident was registered in order to punish the guides later on? Nobody knows, but everybody was assured that everything was okay. The tourist was not scolded at, did not talk to the soldier and was not punished. Of course things would have been really different if this concerned a bus with North Koreans.